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OOPRE is a place where the city’s happy people come together to dine and dip into our signature dishes from around the world and create memories over music, laughter and conversation. Oopre can cater to 260 foodies at one go making us the biggest in the state.
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Buffalo Fire Wings

Tender chicken wings in hot sauce served with french fries.

Khow Suey

A one pot meal with noodles and veggies cooked in coconut milk and an elaborate garnish of fried onions, peanuts garlic, spring onions and fried noodles.

Scotch Egg

Boiled egg wrapped in lamb meal coated with bread crumbs served with fries and ketch up dip.

Butter Chicken Sandwich

A signature sandwich filled with butler chicken.

Classic Mac N Cheese

An american style pasta in a gooey cheesy sauce.

Prawn A Pil Pil

Prawn tossed with garlic chilly, paprika and parsley served with buttery mash potato, tossed exotic vegetable and white wine rose marry sauce.

Mutton Khichdi

Served witn ghee, papad, raita and raita.